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This series of the Authentic cities is dedicated to my home, Seattle. The Authentic Seattle color choices were all made with the city in mind. They all reflect the cities personality & amazing culture.

These are limited quantity so head over to the special page dedicated to Seattle! –>

Our road trip to San Francisco was a great experience selling at the World of Dance Bay area edition.

green hill clothes

Because of all the love from the Bay area & my invitation to vend at the World of Dance Bay Area, the first edition of the Authentic cities was made for San Francisco. The Authentic City shirts include the Green Hill collegiate type on the top of the graphic, followed by the dedicated city name, then the Authentic Original statement & the MMVIII (the Green Hill’s year of inception.) The Authentic City goods are limited run so get them fast!

green hill clothes

The Scarlet&Gold edition Tshirt –>

The Black&Orange&Cream edition Crewneck –>

The Blue&Yellow&White edition Crewneck –>



Thank you for all the love San Francisco! (Coming next, my city & the best of them all, SEATTLE.)

green hill clothesgreen hill clothes

The Real GH shirt was designed for the spring & summer of 2011.

The Easter edition ( is a pastel colored light blue shirt with pink, white & green.

The Charcoal edition ( is on a charcoal shirt with white, black & orange.

green hill clothes

green hill clothes

green hill clothes

DSC01352 DSC01351 DSC01350

Here are some photos from a photo shoot for the Green Hill’s official Daimyo nobori flag. Nobori (banners/flags) were used in Japan during the days of the Samurai and Japanese feudal lords to show the crests of the families.  The Green Hill wants to bring back the flags and show the pride of the family so if you ever see one of these flags around, you know you are going the GH is nearby. Anyone can join the family as long as you represent the GH!