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By: @ghclothes

I thought that a very special (early) St. Patricks day edition Kicks on the Hill needs be done because one of my all time favorite shoes fits in so well. In high school, I had a pair of white & red Nike lows & they were boring to me so I experimented around & tried to decorate them. After a few unsuccessful paintings & experiments with the shoes, I found a can of golden spray paint & went crazy with the gold. The whole shoe ended up pure gold! I was so proud of this discovery of the combination of spray paint & shoes that I wore it for the rest of my senior year.

Now that St. Patricks day is coming soon, wearing Green is mandatory but I believe that Gold is just as important. The Baby Ninja (Green&Gold) Crewneck matches the Golden Nikes pretty well & also includes Green so you’ll be safe from getting pinched. What can be better than an Irish/Japanese Ninja wardrobe! Wear gold this St. Patricks Day!


Kicks on the Hill

Today, we have started a new project that includes everyone! Green Hill goods are created with fashion & style in mind. Not only are they made to make you look good, they are made to reflect & compliment the rest of your wardrobe. Since shoes are one of the most important parts of fashion, we are starting a new collection of blog posts featuring pictures of peoples favorite shoes with your favorite Green Hill Clothes. Pictures can be in any creative way possible as long as there are shoes & one Green Hill item.

Please submit your picture(s) along with any description you’d like  & your Twiter & or Tumblr page (if you’d like) to & we will get it posted onto this blog! Later on in the year, we will gather all the images & produce a look book similar to the photos & people. We hope this little project becomes a big tradition!