Our road trip to San Francisco was a great experience selling at the World of Dance Bay area edition.

green hill clothes

Because of all the love from the Bay area & my invitation to vend at the World of Dance Bay Area, the first edition of the Authentic cities was made for San Francisco. The Authentic City shirts include the Green Hill collegiate type on the top of the graphic, followed by the dedicated city name, then the Authentic Original statement & the MMVIII (the Green Hill’s year of inception.) The Authentic City goods are limited run so get them fast!

green hill clothes

The Scarlet&Gold edition Tshirt –> http://greenhillclothes.com/shop/75.html

The Black&Orange&Cream edition Crewneck –> http://greenhillclothes.com/shop/76.html

The Blue&Yellow&White edition Crewneck –> http://greenhillclothes.com/shop/77.html



Thank you for all the love San Francisco! (Coming next, my city & the best of them all, SEATTLE.)