This week was going to be dedicated to Irish week because of St. Patricks day but due to the Quake/Tsunami in Japan, I have to put most attention on the country of Japan.

Seeing all of the images & videos from Japan of the recent events made a deep impact on me. I have always had a love for Japan because of my heritage, family, interest, traveling & artistic appreciation of the country. Since Japan is my favorite country that I have so much respect for, I absolutely had to help out. I would go to Sendai to help out in a second if I were allowed to. The least I can do is donate to the Red Cross so I decided I would use the power of my clothing line to raise money for relief. With the purchase of any shirt or crewneck from my webpage, $5 will be donated to the Red Cross.

I also strongly encourage everyone to donate directly to the Red Cross @

Since these Night in Japan shirts were photographed, designed & inspired in Japan, $10 will go toward the Red Cross in my effort to help the Earthquake/Tsunami disaster in Japan. Get the purple/green/red one here: & the Black one here:

green hill clothes

Also, the planned St. Patricks day special from the Green Hill is on the crewneck designed with lucky Ireland in mind. The Pot O’ Gold crewneck is dedicated to the lucky who know they will someday find a bushels of Gold someday if they have not already. This week, you will be guaranteed lucky when you get one of the crewnecks, when you get this crewneck, a bracelet & a lanyard will be included with the order! Plus, the $5 donation will be included to the Red Cross. Go get your lucky Pot O’ Gold crewneck here: (White) & here (Blue)

green hill clothes

Let’s all make this world a little better.