The Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour 2010 made its way to Seattle on April 25th at the Wallingford Center at Trophy Cupcakes. When I went to LA for spring break, I visited their store on Melrose and found out this event would take a stop here. I was super pumped to hear this event because there are two clothing lines right now that I have alot of respect for and admire, A Bathing Ape and Johnny Cupcakes. Check out the pics I took on the 25th during the Cupcake event!

The van isn’t just aesthetically sweet and awesome, it can also play music like a popsicle truck.

My friend Sam Inthoulay wore the Baby Ninja Crewneck by us and the great part about that was when we met Johnny Cupcakes himself, he liked the design with it’s clean execution. He said it had the appearance of Sub-Zero. I gave him a business card too so hopefully the Cupcake clan takes a look!

So, Johnny, if you are reading this, tell us at the GHC what you think of our clothing line!

Yeah, its a Benz.

There were plenty of dope designs made just for this tour. I wanted all of them.

Trophy Cupcakes x Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes with your very own, Kellen!

Johnny Cupcakes with the GHC’s future artist, Sam Inthoulay!

The cupcakes were so pretty. Put I did realize that cupcakes can get rotten so I had to eat it….. I wished I could have preserved it somehow….. It was delicious though.

So, thanks Johnny for throwing an event like this and inspiring us all. I especially thank you for noticing one of my designs.

Stay Fresh!