The year 2009 was an alright year for music. My favorite album for that year is a different one. It’s an album produced January 28, 2009 from Japan. It’s from of my favorite groups, The Teriyaki Boyz second release, “Serious Japanese”.

This is a great album even if you do not understand Japanese. The Teriyaki Boyz are made up of, the talented and skilled rapper WISE, Ilmari, Ryo-Z, the flashy and blingy sunglass star, VERBAL, and the DJ and founder of A Bathing Ape, the famous Nigo.

What made this my favorite album of the year is the upbeat variety brought to each of the tracks. The songs featured many artists from Japan and the USA.

“Can’t bake that fape” featured one of my all time favorite artists, Adrock from the Beastie Boys, who never lets me down with his music, and also featured and artist from Japan by the name of TAKAGI KAN who i recently discovered and now think is amazing.

The song, “5th Element” by Cornelius and the Teriyaki Boyz is by far, the most listened to song on my iTunes in 2009. Everytime I listen to it, I seem to notice another sound played in the song. Cornelius conducts an amazing arrangement of sounds on his songs with a unique tempo to his songs. “Moon The World” from the Beef or Chicken album also featured Cornelius. He is an artist that I would love to have discovered and known in USA.

The amazing musician, Pharrell was featured on two solid tracks on the album, “Zock On!” and “Work That!”. I don’t need to say much about these songs because it lived up to the expectation I have from a song by Pharrell, awesome.

As the 2009 year is over, my brand new “Green Hill Clothes blog album of the year” award goes to, The Teriyaki Boyz, “Serious Japanese”!