That’s right, I got a pair of the Olympic Gloves on my trip to Vancouver BC right before Xmas. The Mittens are by far the most wanted souvenir for the upcoming Olympics in Canada. It’s true, they really are awesome, comfy, stylish, cute and warm, but I believe there are some other goods that are even more awesome and Canadian.

When thinking about Canada, what is one of the first things that comes to mind?

Maple Syrup (or Sirop D’érable).

This souvenir is the best tasting collectable you can grab when visiting Canada during the Olympics. I highly recommend grabbing a pair of mittens and syrup if you plan on heading up to Canada before, during or after the Winter Olympics. Make sure to not wear the syrup and eat the mittens though….. Stop by the Hudson’s Bay Company in Vancouver, their Olympic Superstore has the most impressive event related shop I have ever seen. It is worth the trip!

The Olympics are going to be blast this year.