Hey everyone! It’s only 10 days till Xmas and I’m sure you all still need to buy your family and friends some presents. If you are like me, then you like to consider yourself as a friend or family so you want to reward yourself. Well with this sale, you can do that!

On this sale, if you buy any crewneck sweatshirt (online only), you get a free shirt of your choice that’s available online, plus a free tote bag. The great part about this deal is that you can keep the shirt, give the crewneck as a present or give the shirt and keep the crewneck or give both away!

What you need to do is:

-Purchase your desired crewneck online.

-Give a message on your purchase or give me a message greenhillclothes@gmail.com with what shirt you want and size.

Go here to purchase!

-We will get it to you before Xmas so you can give the gift to someone…… or keep it for yourself.

Offer is good from December 15-18.

Thank you!