We are going to start up a featured artist every once in a while so we decided to start out with an amazing young artist who hails from the city of Portland, JOHN FINNERTY. This guy knows how to make images pop with it’s explosive colors and detail.

He is super skilled in sketches. Just take a look at a sample of a sketchbook drawing he made. You would most definitely guess what he does during math, science, and writing classes. He is not only skilled with just hand drawings because he can take his art to the computer and compose more amazing and beautiful pieces with amazing effects that without a doubt leaves many people in shock.

The greatest part about the art directed by John is that the ideas and themes are so unpredicted but end up lovable and timeless. I mean, Ninja Fish Self Defense? Who else could make an idea up that sweet? And that’s only one of the many pieces done.

Check out more pieces done by him on his website here @: http://johnfinnertydesign.com/

Look out Portland, he may end up king of the town.

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